Hand crocheted scarves

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Beautiful and unique hand crocheted scarves in stunning colors. Each scarf is a small, featherlight piece of art that can add color and style to even the dullest outfit.

The scarves are produced in Denmark, and they take around 120 to 150 hours to make! They are crocheted in a mixture of luxury yarns (wool, silk, linen, alpaca and cashmere) and many of the yarns are dyed with plant based dye. No two scarves are alike, so you can get your hands on a unique piece of art at a reasonable price.


#1: 20 cm x 180 cm.

#2: 20cm x 220 cm.

#3: 18 cm x 160 cm.

#4: 20 cm x 182 cm.

#5: 23 cm x 194 cm.

Find your personal favorite! 
As each scarf is unique you can choose which number (#) you want to purchase in the dropdown menu above.  

Look through the small pictures to see pictures of the different variants by using the arrows visible on the left and right pictures, and click on the picture to enlarge. Or choose a # in the drop down menu, and the chosen scarf will be shown as the big picture, with more pictures visible in the small pictures. 

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