ANASTASIA T-shirt with lace on back and sleeves, silver grey (beige)


T-shirt with long sleeves and the soft modal fabric in front and beautiful lace on the back. Pretty, sloped seams make the lace visible from the front as well. Delicious low-key luxury!

Choice of materials:

The t-shirt is made from modal, a natural fabric. Modal is made from beech bark that has been transformed into cellulose fibers and further refined into thread. Modal is generally referred to as a regenerated fiber, and since the base element is a naturally occurring substance, the material can perish in natural composting.

The production of a modal t-shirt, consumes only around half as much energy as the production of a cotton t-shirt, as the production of cotton consumes significant amounts of water, energy and pesticides.

Our Önling modal is furthermore dyed according to Ecotex standards (Øko-tex 100), which ensures that no health hazardous substances have been used, and that the material is colorfast.

Materials: 95% modal, 5% spandex. 

Washing instructions: Fine washing 30 degrees. 

Type: Bluser

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