AISHA elegant pants, army


The pants you wear for work with the elegant Aisha jacket. Here you get a ‘suit’ that is comfortable and you will be well-dressed. Or you wear these pants with a big and cozy knitted sweater for a more casual look. The elastic waist gives a comfortable fit, and there are pretty but raw looking zippers at the bottom of the legs. ---NOTE--- The pants will widen by approximately a half to an entire size, so we recommend that you buy the pants a size smaller than what you usually buy, especially if you are between sizes.

Choice of materials:

The pants are made from viscose, a natural fabric. Viscose is made from beech bark that has been transformed into cellulose fibers and further refined into thread. Viscose is a regenerated fiber, and since the base element is a naturally occurring substance, the material can perish in natural composting.

The production of viscose emits comparatively less CO2 than cotton, as the production of cotton consumes significant amounts of water, energy and pesticides.

Our Önling viscose is furthermore dyed according to Ecotex standards (Øko-tex 100), which ensures that no health hazardous substances have been used, and that the material is colorfast.

Materials: 62% viscose, 32% polyester, 6% spandex.

Washing instructions: Fine washing 30 degrees. 

Type: Bukser

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